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A brilliant Tanzanian student has received the greatest recognition for discovering a method for treating diabetes. The newest drug for diabetes, no matter at what age you get diabetes, will begin to act immediately after taking it, and the blood glucose level will stabilize without relapse!

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An important event took place at the African Congress of Endocrinologists. Congressional participants applauded the young man who stood on the stage for 10 minutes. He was a student of Moses Akampurira. He created a unique formula that can help eliminate diabetes.

Samuel had an unusual idea, which later developed further in Tanzanian scientific institutions. Experts from the University of Santo Thomas and many other scientists participated in the development of this formula. This product has already been developed and shows excellent results.

How this new formula can save millions of lives and why it is available with 50 % discount That's what we're going to talk about today.

Interviewer: Samuel, you're one of the ten smartest students in the world. Why did you decide to specialize in diabetes research?

To be honest, it's hard for me to talk about it publicly because I have a very personal motivation. A few years ago, my mother died of diabetes. Diabetes turns out to be an oncogenic disease. Constantly high and low blood sugar stimulates the production of free radicals, which can lead to malignancy or cancer.

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By the time the experts finally diagnosed the condition of the mother, it was already too late. That's why I started investigating various issues regarding diabetes and its treatment. I was surprised to learn that most of the pills sold in pharmacies contain dangerous chemicals that can only worsen the patient's condition. My mother used these drugs every day.

For the past three years, I've been doing a lot of research on this topic. As I wrote my dissertation, I discovered a new method of treating diabetes, which everyone is now talking about. Of course, I realized that I had discovered a completely new method, but I did not expect that this method would attract so much attention from various institutions.

What institutions are you talking about?

As soon as the information about this new method was published, I immediately received many offers to sell the rights to my idea. First, a French company offered me 120,000 euros for it. The last offer was from an American pharmaceutical company that offered me $35 million. I got so many offers to sell my formula that I had to change my phone number. I also deleted my accounts on various social networks. It was actually very embarrassing.

As far as I know, you didn't sell the formula, did you?

Of course not! It may seem strange, but I didn't create this formula so that foreigners could profit. Imagine what happens if I sell my formula to a foreign company? They will get exclusive licenses, get rid of competitors and raise prices. I'm young, but I'm not stupid. In such a situation, ordinary citizens of Tanzania, like you and me, would certainly not be able to afford it. A foreign specialist told me that this product should cost at least $3,000. Really? Who in Tanzania could buy this for $3,000?

Therefore, when I was offered to create this product for the domestic market, I immediately agreed. We worked closely with the best specialists in the field of endocrinology and it was a very useful experience for me. Today, this product has passed various tests, received all the necessary certificates and licenses and is available to everyone.

As the coordinator of the project, as a private foundation, Dr. Robert Swift, a well-known specialist of the Union of Specialists of USA and a highly qualified endocrinologist, is participating. We asked him to comment on this new formula and his plans for the future.

Reporter: How do we know we have diabetes? What do you think of Samuel's idea?

First, let's briefly recall the cause of this disease. The main cause of diabetes is an autoimmune process that disrupts the immune system. The body produces antibodies that destroy thecellsof the pancreas. As a result, glucose enters the blood, which negatively affects all organs and tissues. The body begins to use fat for energy. As a result, too many toxic substances (ketone bodies) are released, the metabolism of fats, proteins and minerals is disturbed. This has very serious consequences.

Diabetes symptoms: thirst; chronic and rapid fatigue; frequent urination; dry mouth; weakness; skin problems; headache; increased appetite; itching and rash; drowsiness; slow wound healing; obesity

Samuel's discovery has a positive impact on people with diabetes. This formula restores the condition of the pancreas so that the body can properly absorb the insulin produced by this organ. In other words, this formula completely eliminates the root cause of diabetes. It took a lot of effort from specialists, but in the end it was possible not only to control the level of sugar in the blood, but also to prevent the most dangerous complications of diabetes, which are the main danger of this disease. People with diabetes gradually restore their health and eventually completely get rid of the problem. Based on this formula, we have created a powerful tool to help you get rid of diabetes at any stage.

The main properties of Diaboost:

  • Restores the work of the pancreas;
  • Stimulates the natural production of insulin;
  • Increases the absorption of insulin in the body;
  • Stabilizes the level of sugar within the limits of normal;
  • Promotes weight loss.

Interviewer: Isn't diabetes really that dangerous?

Today, diabetes is considered one of the most dangerous diseases, and for good reason. In fact, diabetes is a deadly disease that slowly kills a person. Under any circumstances, this disease always ends sadly. In this case, complications can be divided into several categories.

Today, diabetes is considered one of the most dangerous diseases, and for good reason. In fact, diabetes is a deadly disease that slowly kills a person. Under any circumstances, this disease always ends sadly. In this case, complications can be divided into several categories.

Consequences of diabetes

Diabetic nephropathy (kidney damage) Diabetic angioretinopathy (blindness) Diabetic foot

Secondly, high blood sugar levels (more than 4.9 mmol / l) quickly damagethe internal organs. This means that the life span of the heart, liver, kidneys and all other internal organs decreases by several times. This causes various diseases of the internal organs, the cause of which is an increased level of sugar in the blood. In addition, at any time one of these organs may fail due to a constant increase and decrease in blood sugar. Finally, as Samuel has already mentioned, diabetes is an oncogenic disease. One in three people with diabetes will sooner or later develop cancer.

Reporter: What about the treatment? After all, there are many drugs for diabetics?

Several tools are also part of the problem. In most cases, people with diabetes are prescribed medication. In some cases, insulin must be combined with other medicines. The problem, however, is that many measures are useless for long-term control of blood sugar. All these measures only lower the level of sugar in the blood. However, a person still suffers from a rapid rise and fall in blood sugar, which, in turn, is very harmful to the body. These measures also do not prevent the risk of complications. All they really do is help you feel healthier and prevent early death. These drugs can not cure diabetes. In this case, Samuel is absolutely right. If you look at the composition of drugs sold in private pharmacies, any specialist will tell you that they should be used only as a last resort.

Interviewer: But your product will also be available in these pharmacies, right? How much is that?

You may have already heard that the big pharmaceutical companies attacked us when they realized that we had developed a really effective product. They also offered to take exclusive rights to the product. But they won't sell it. Instead, they want to prevent the product from spreading to the market. The treatment of diabetes is a gold mine in the global pharmaceutical market. In the United States alone, these products generate billions of profits. Our products can fundamentally change this market situation. Also, of course, no one wants to spend more money every month on useless products when you can take a course of Diaboosta and forever forget about high blood sugar.

Pharmacy chains work closely with pharmaceutical companies, and this is understandable, because both depend on the sale of products. So, they do not even want to hear about us or our products, although this product currently really helps in the treatment of diabetes.

Reporter: So if this product is not available in pharmacies and pharmacy chains, where can people get it?

We decided that if pharmacies and pharmacy chains do not want to cooperate with us, we should distribute it ourselves, without their help. We decided to create a direct distribution channel for Diaboost to avoid online pharmacies as intermediaries. We have chosen the most practical of all possible options. Anyone who wants to try Diaboost can be ordered from the official website. Then our employees will contact you, make an offer and send the goods. The official product page was commissioned by a private foundation that has been operating at full capacity since February 2022. Today, almost everyone has access to the Internet. Even people without computers often have smartphones with access to the Internet. So, anyone can order goods online.

Svi koji naruče do inkluzivno mogu kupiti Diaboost with 50 % discount. This is our joint initiative with a private foundation to draw people's attention to this highly effective product. It is expected to be widely talked about and anyone who buys it will recommend it to their friends and acquaintances.

Interviewer: How much will this product cost others?

The cost of this product is about 902 GHS   per pack. We were able to negotiate with the fund to subsidise most of the costs for end users. Fortunately, those responsible for this issue understand the importance of making this product available to all residents of our country, not just a select few. In return, we pledge not to sell this product abroad. Therefore, the export of this product is prohibited. The drug is sold only in our country.

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